For Westchester county residents...

One of the reasons Iím excited to see FINDING MIGHTY in print is because itís set in Dobbs Ferry! As a resident of Westchester County, itís so great to see places I know and love on the cover of my book, and written inside. If you live in Westchester County, too, then this book is for YOU.

What is FINDING MIGHTY about?†† The book is a mystery novel about two sixth-graders, Myla and Peter, who
become neighbors when Peter moves to Dobbs Ferry. Peterís brother, Randall, is a graffiti writer who paints a strange tag in a local train station before disappearing one night. Peter thinks Randall is searching for clues to explain their fatherís mysterious death. He wants Randall back. Myla is someone who is great at observing the world around heróshe likes to look at graffiti and wonder what the stories are behind them.† When Peter moves next door to Myla, they team up together to find Randall. In the process, they also olve a decade-old crime involving missing diamonds, parkour runners, and graffiti crews.

Sheela Chari

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What else should I know? One set of landmarks that gets mentioned many times in the novel is the Croton Aqueduct. This is an old waterworks system that was used to bring fresh water to New York City during the last century. While this system is no longer in use, many architectural pieces are still with us today, including High Bridge, which you can find on the front cover of FINDING MIGHTY. The Aqueduct Trail also runs through Dobbs Ferry and many village towns along the Hudson River. Walk the Aqueduct Trail or across High Bridge! To learn more, visit Friends of the Croton Aqueduct.

How did you get the idea for the book?† It started with a graffiti tag my daughters and I would see every time we went on the highway. Can you guess which highway? Can you guess what it says?

I started to wonder who wrote the tag, how that person got it up on the sign, and why. As I did, the story of Peterís brother emerged in my mind, and Peterís determination to find his
missing brother.

Myla is the other half of the story. She is similar to meóI like graffiti, too, and as a child I always felt overshadowed by other people in my life. When I wrote FINDING MIGHTY, I thought, wouldnít it be great if Peter and Myla met and became friends? Maybe they each have something valuable to share with the
other. In life, some of the best friendships work that way. Myla and Peter also learn to appreciate their siblings and† understand the importance of family.